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Rosemary Jameson - or Rosie - is always happy to talk and help with any preserve-related topics that you are researching.

Rosemary is a life long preserve maker, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience of jam and preserve making whether teaching, demonstrating or judging. She runs her own preserves making business and has risen from humble beginnings making at home to producing award winning preserves.

Whether by verbal interview, either face to face or telephone, or by a written article, she is practised and meticulous at achieving deadlines of time and words.

We have a large library of images which we are happy to provide for single use within an article or feature, and we can provide physical props for photo-shoots and The Old Smithy as a location.

Rosemary Jameson also founded The Guild of Jam and Preserve Makers and works closely with Trading Standards on issues such as The Sugar Debate. The members are mostly from the artisan world and Rosemary works hard on their behalf to preserve tradtional preserving and bring it the proper recognition it deserves.

If you are considering running a reader competition or special offer then speak to us about a possible prize - providing the competition is jam related!

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