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Preserving is something I have loved doing ever since I can remember – I have memories as a very small person helping my Mother to make jars of jam ready for the Winter. I could only just see over the kitchen table but loved all the neat rows with their cellophane tops and labels.

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Explore my world of jam and preserving, which includes making, teaching, demostrating and writing about my passion. If you're stuck for ideas then why not pop by my recipe website . . .

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Bottling Everything Up

Here we are, in the season of mellow fruitfulness, and most of us are busy making jams and jellies, pickles and chutneys. If we feel adventurous we could make some sauces or even dry some apple rings. One thing most of us won't be doing is bottling, or canning.This is a shame as there are certain things that really shine when bottled, in a way that they don't so much as a jam or chutney. Peachesand cherries for example. Any kind of stone fruit - plums, greengages, nectarines, apricots are all s . . . read more of Rosie's blog
Sun, 31 Aug 2014 17:11:12 GMT

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